Technology Challenged? If you’ve ever struggled with everyday technology…
How To Quickly and Easily Master Your Computer, the Internet and All Your Tech Gadgets… Without The Frustration!
Leading Technology Expert Reveals Proven Formula To Learn How to Use Your Computer, Surf the Internet with Confidence, Cut the Cable, Avoid Viruses, Protect Your Digital Documents and Photos and Much, Much More…
Even If You’re A Complete Beginner.
Dear Friend,

Patric WelchTechnology. It can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

For today’s generation (known as “digital natives”), using computer programs like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word or even online platforms like Twitter or even Gmail are effortless and easy.

But for some of us who may be less tech-savvy (men and women aged 45+… known as “digital immigrants”) or those who consider themselves complete tech “newbies”, technology can be an uphill battle and a struggle.

You may want to learn how to use your desktop computer or a new smartphone or tablet, and the programs on it or the Internet, but you have no idea what to do.

What you need are the COMPLETE BASICS. You want simple!

The biggest obstacle in your way when it comes to learning and understanding the most practical uses of today’s technology is one thing: FEAR OF SCREWING SOMETHING UP!

At first glance, trying to setup an online Gmail email account, making your first FaceTime or Skype call or figuring out how to play a Netflix show on your television can feel like trying to solve the world’s biggest mystery.

And trying to get started using very helpful computer programs like Microsoft Word, Excel or even PowerPoint can seem practically impossible.

The good news is, your fear and frustration is VERY common. You’re not alone!
It seems that if you have that yearning to learn new computer programs or even the basics of the Internet, you really have only two options…
Option #1 – Take A Class
If you decide to take a class… this can be very tedious and time consuming. It can even be expensive if you decide to take classes on every new topic you want to learn. The problem with taking classes is that everyone, including yourself, learns at a different pace. What can take one person an hour to understand may take you several days. Plus, you have to rely on the instructor’s time schedule.
Option #2 – Try Learning On Your Own
If you decide to learn on your own… you may not even know where to begin. And worst of all, you may make the learning process a lot more difficult and challenging that it really needs to be if you were to get the right guidance. By educating yourself, you do have the advantage of learning at your own pace, but it could also take you much longer to figure things out. This means a lot of wasted time and added frustration.
“So What’s Really The BEST OPTION For You To Learn The Fast & Easy Way?”
The answer is a combination of having others teach you, but also educating yourself at the same time. When you can have someone teach you the right information, this will provide you with the right path to learning. And when you can learn this information on YOUR time schedule and at YOUR own learning pace, then it’s a WIN-WIN for you!

After seeing how many middle-aged people and even senior citizens were struggling with learning how to use the most basic computer programs, and even the Internet, I knew I had to do something.

“I wanted to create ONE “technology education bundle” that would educate these people on a variety of subjects from Microsoft computer programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to online platforms like Gmail and Twitter, to learning how to choose the right printer… and even how to avoid online scams.”
And that’s exactly what I’ve done…
Introducing: Tech Made Easy!
Never Dread Learning New Technology Ever Again!
(95% OFF)
What Is “Tech Made Easy” Anyway?

Tech Made Easy is a technology education bundle product that comes complete with step-by-step video lessons, helpful audio lessons, and highly informative quick guides. All of the content is specifically designed to teach people just like yourself how to use some of today’s modern computer software, various electronics and Internet services.

Who Exactly Is This Product For?

Tech Made Easy is for anyone who struggles with learning new technology. If you’re “technology challenged” or simply aren’t sure where to start learning, then this product is for you. It doesn’t matter how old or inexperienced you are, it’s never too late to start learning!

What’s Included With Tech Made Easy?
You’ll get full access to a wide-range of step-by-step videos, audio lessons and informative quick guides that cover all kinds of subjects related to computers, the Internet, and much more. You can learn at your own pace, and at your own speed, right from the comfort of your own home. Watch, listen and read as much or as often as you wish.

Video Lessons

Video lessons are step-by-step visual guides where you watch over my shoulder as I teach you exactly what you need to know. Ideal for “visual” learners.

Audio Lessons

The audio lessons are great overviews explaining what something does, how it works, and how you can use it in your own life. Simple and easy to listen to.

Here’s The List Of Incredible Content Included Inside
Tech Made Easy!

How to Manage Your Passwords with KeePass and LastPass

…so that every password you use is unique, without the need to remember any of them!

Microsoft Word Basics

…so that you can create, store and print important documents.

Gmail Basics

…so that you can use the most popular email software to communicate with your loved ones easily.

Google Calendar

…so that you never miss another appointment or important event ever again.

Twitter Basics

…so that you can keep up with your favorite local and national news, sports teams or celebrities.

Microsoft Excel Basics

…so that you can easily create a budget or track monthly expenses.

Managing Windows Files and Folders

…so that you can copy, move and rename files and folders in Windows like a pro!

Windows 10 Basics

…so that you can organize your Start menu, use the new Edge browser and navigate Windows 10 with ease.

Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

…so that you can “wow” the audience at your next club or group presentation.

30 Tips to Use Google More Effectively

…so that you can find what you are looking for on the Internet quicker and easier.
Total Value: $199.90

How to Speed Up a Slow Computer

…so that you can start using your computer instead of waiting on it!

How to Organize Your Photos On Your Computer

…so that you can quickly and easily find the photo you are looking for on your computer.

Which Pop-ups Are Safe To Click?

…so that you never get a virus or other malware from mistakenly clicking on a deceptive pop-up.

Stream Free And Paid Content To Your Television With Roku And Amazon Fire TV

…so that you can explore the gigantic world of digitally-streamed movies and television shows.

Protect Yourself with Banking and Credit Card Alerts

…so that your money stays where it belongs… with you!

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix

…so that you can cut the cable and catch up on the award-winning shows all your friends are watching.

What To Do (Step By Step) If Your Computer Has A Virus

…so that you don’t lose your important documents and photos when something bad happens.

3 Ways To Back Up Your Computer (Good, Better and Best)

…so that when (not if) the worst happens to your computer, you can safely restore all your important documents and photos.

What is PayPal and How Do You Use It?

…so that you can feel comfortable and secure using one of the most popular internet payment services.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Next Computer

…so that no salesperson working on commission can ever sell you a computer you don’t want or need.

Air Travel Tips & Tricks - Save Money Booking Your Own Flights

…so that you can beat airlines at their own pricing game!

What Is OneDrive And Why Should You Use It?

…so that you can back up your your documents and photos and access them anywhere.
And More…
Why You Should Be Using Two Step Authentication | What is Amazon Prime and Is It Worth the Money | Protect your gadgets from drops, spills and malfunctions | Love it or leave it – Amazon Echo | 10 Useful Websites That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before | How to Use Groupon to Save Money on Food, Activities, Travel and More | How to Subscribe and Listen to Podcasts | What is Bluetooth and What Can You Do With It | What’s New in Windows 10? | Go Beyond Television with the Xfinity X1 | Listen Don’t Read with | How to Manage Your Passwords Without Going Crazy | 5 Home Automation Gadgets You Can Use In Your Home Right Now | 7 Apps You Absolutely Must Have on Your Smartphone | How to Watch Television Shows from NBC, ABC, FOX and More with Hulu | 10 Tricks to Become a Happier Computer Owner | 3 Easy Ways to Print Your Digital Pictures | Box Subscription Gift Guide | 8 Ways to Become a Better You in the New Year | Tech to Help You Lose Weight and Stay in Shape | How to Choose the Right Printer For You | How to Start Investing with $5 or Less | Let Someone Else Do Your Grocery Shopping For You | Say Goodbye to Paper Calendars with Google Calendar | Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies | Keep Your Mind Sharp with Brain Games | Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat | Traveling Overseas with Your Gadgets | 5 Legitimate (100%) Ways to Make Money From Home | Technology You Can Use to Help You Sleep Better | 7 Popular Messaging Apps to Keep in Touch with Friends and Family | The Secret Tech Tip List of Mr Noobie | Pet Tech – Fun Ways to Keep You and Your Pet Happy | Using Windows 10 Built-in Apps for Mail Photos Music and More | Hey Google, What Can I Ask You? | How to Monitor and Protect Your Home While You’re Away | A Night at the Movies – Movie Options in a Digital World | The Secret Tech Tip List of Mr Noobie Vol 2
Total Value: $349.50

Don't Be The Next Victim Of Ransomware

…so that you prevent the worst thing from happening to your computer, or know exactly what to do if it does happen.

Getting To Know Your Internet Browser

…so that you finally understand what people are talking about when they refer to your browser.

What Is Office 365?

…so that you understand the difference between Microsoft’s subscription model and their pay once model and know which one is right for you.

The anatomy of a PDF

…so that you know how to download, open and view PDF documents from the Internet.

15 reasons to switch to Gmail

…so that you can keep in touch with friends and family, share photos and more, with the most popular email service.

The Beginner's Guide to 4K Television

…so that you understand what 4K television is and whether or not the salesperson is right when they say you need one.

7 Free Word Processing Alternatives to Microsoft Office

…so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office if you just need to occasionally type a letter or two.

Are You Struggling With Too Many Remotes?

…so that you can get rid of that pile of remotes on your coffee table and control everything with one master remote, without having to program a thing!

Texting 101: Everything you wanted to know about texting

…so that you can use the most popular peer-to-peer communication with your friends and family with ease.

What is an Apple ID?

…so that you can use one universal login for all your Apple devices and safely backup your contacts and photos.

How To Use Windows 10 Cortana

…so that you can learn how to use your voice in Windows 10 to get the weather, find a nearby restaurant and more.

How To Digitally Rent A Movie

…so that you can rent the latest movie releases without ever stepping foot in a video rental store or driving to the nearest Redbox.
And More…
Sling TV offers new cord-cutting alternative | Keep track of your medication with MediSafe | Should you do a system restore on your computer? | Summer movies go better with technology | Are you ready to call an Uber? | Can’s falling prices compete with | Keep up with your neighbors with Nextdoor | Google Home lets Amazon know it’s no longer the only player in town | Go beyond pizza delivery with DoorDash | Stop getting scammed: A how-to guide | Video calling 101 | 6 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook | 6 Shopping Tips to Save You Money (Online) This Holiday Season | “I’m in love… with technology!” | Don’t let spring weather surprise you | Save up to 15% on your Amazon purchases with Subscribe & Save | The easiest way to back up your computer files | Used car buying reinvented | 7 tech nightmares and how to make them go away | Create your own family gift registry with Giftster | Replace your cable TV lineup with YouTube TV
Total Value: $230.67
Tech Made Easy also includes these 4 Amazing Bonuses!
BONUS #1: The Big Book of Noobie: Volume I
When we say BIG, we’re not kidding. This 456-page book contains over 70+ informative Noobie articles organized into a diverse range of tech subjects including Android, Cyber Security, Gadgets & Smart Devices, Google, iOS and iPhone, Mac and PC, Social and Software & Apps.
BONUS #2: Special Guides and Checklist
Includes Google Suite Cheat Sheet to help Google Suite (G-Suite) users navigate Google Docs, Sheets and Slides with ease, Must Play Games in iOSa must have for every iPhone owner who likes to play games to sharpen their skills or just kill time and The Ultimate College Tech Checklist to help make sure you are sending yourself or one of your kids off to college equipped with the right technology.
BONUS #3: 15 eBook PDF Audio Transcripts
Follow along with 15 of your included audio lessons using these 15 bonus eBook PDF audio transcripts. Includes accompanying images and resource lists. Bonus transcripts available for the following audio lessons:

Say Goodbye to Paper Calendars with Google Calendar | Keep Your Mind Sharp with Brain Games | Traveling Overseas with Your Gadgets | What is PayPal and How Do You Use It? | Protect Yourself with Banking and Credit Card Alerts | 7 Popular Messaging Apps to Keep in Touch with Friends and Family | The Secret Tech Tip List of Mr Noobie | Pet Tech – Fun Ways to Keep You and Your Pet Happy | Using Windows 10 Built-in Apps for Mail Photos Music and More | Air Travel Tips & Tricks – Save Money Booking Your Own Flights | Hey Google, What Can I Ask You? | How to Monitor and Protect Your Home While You’re Away | How to Speed Up a Slow Computer | A Night at the Movies – Movie Options in a Digital World | The Secret Tech Tip List of Mr Noobie Vol 2
BONUS #4: USB Stick and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
I saved the best for last. Your Tech Made Easy bundle comes pre-loaded on a brand new USB stick. No trying to figure out how to download the files. No unzipping compressed files. Just plug your USB stick into your computer and you are good to go! There’s even a free media player included for watching your video lessons and listening to your audio lessons. Plus, there’s extra room on the USB stick for backing up your important documents and photos.

You’ll also receive a microfiber cleaning cloth. Microfiber is perfect for cleaning your smartphone and tablet screens without scratching them. Works on your monitor too!

USB stick and microfiber cloth pictured above are for illustrative purposes only. Yours may look different.
About The Creator Of Tech Made Easy

Patric WelchMy name is Patric Welch, known on television and radio as “Mr. Noobie®”. I help people use technology to enhance their own work and personal lives. For many years now, I’ve been a professional “techie” who lives and breathes technology. It’s my passion and I simply love it.

Besides making many appearances on local TV and radio, I was also lucky enough to have a segment featured on NBC Nightly News and have also become a Verizon and Xfinity influencer as well. This means I review their latest technology for them.

With Tech Made Easy, I’m finally able to help people of all ages and background on a more global level online when it comes to learning and understanding technology. I couldn’t be more proud of this product, and I hope it provides you a lot of value and fun as well!

I’ve been seen and heard on…
Customers rave about Mr. Noobie’s teaching style!

I feel well informed

You did a great job! Lots of great info on a subject I knew nothing about. I feel well informed.

Donna B.

I can see clearly now!

I was so confused, but I can see clearly now!

Constance S.

I was able to understand

I was able to understand and I’m not good with electronics!

Phyllis S.

No tech jargon

Very helpful info and easy to understand without tech jargon.

Eileen B.


Very informative and relatable.

Amy D.

Great examples!

Very informative with up to date information. Very personable. Easy to follow and understand. Great examples!

Diana M.

Answered many things

Thought you were very informative. Answered many things I did not understand prior to today. Thank you.

Kay U.

A technological dinosaur could understand

Thank you for explaining the info so that a technological dinosaur like myself could understand.

Cindy C.

Simple approach

Like the simple approach so those of us who are tech challenged can keep up.

Cheryl J.

Understandable terms

A lot of information in understandable terms.

Dianne H.

Breaks down the tech jargon

Breaks down the tech jargon in easy to understand terms. Great examples for everyday use of the apps.

Janet M.

Appreciate your honesty

Great resource. I appreciate your honesty and sense of humor!

Becky O.

Great job explaining to a technologically challenged person

Great job explaining very complicated devices to a technologically challenged person.

Patty M.

Explained in the most user friendly way

Explained in the most user friendly way for a person who is not so user friendly. Very informative.

Angela R.

Every day language

Excellent at explaining in every day language how to use Windows so it makes sense.

Debra W.

Easy to understand

Easy to understand, good material, enjoyed presentation.

Brenda K.

Translating technology

Good with translating technology.

Ophelia W.

Knows his subject

I thought the presentation was exceptional. Mr. Noobie knows his subject.

Judy A.

You truly know the industry

Great presentation! Your ability to convey such technicalities to a non tech savvy audience proves that you truly know the industry.

Christopher H.

For both novice and advanced users

Very informative; explanations were good for both novice and advanced users.

Carl S.
Okay, I’m Sold! What's My Investment?
Well, a whole let less than you might imagine...

If you add up the entire value of all of the audio, visual and written content inside Tech Made Easy, the total value is $1,030.84. If you were to take individual classes on these subjects, it could add up to be even more.

But luckily for you, now you can get instant access to all of this information and start learning right from your favorite chair at home for a one-time investment of ONLY $47.

“YES! I’m Ready To Invest In Tech Made Easy For The Low Price of Only $47 Right Now!”
Includes Everything Below:
  • 10 Video Lessons, 50 Audio Lessons and 33 Quick Guides
  • The Big Book of Noobie: Volume I (456 pages!)
  • Google Suite Cheat Sheet, Must Play Games in iOS and The Ultimate College Tech Checklist
  • 15 eBook PDF Audio Transcripts
  • All shipped on a brand new USB stick (along with your microfiber cleaning cloth)
(95% OFF)
Everything ships directly to you on your bonus USB stick!
Your 10 video lessons, 50 audio lessons, 33 quick guides, the Big Book of Noobie: Volume I, Google Suite Cheat Sheet, Must Play Games in iOS, The Ultimate College Tech Checklist and 15 eBook PDF audio transcripts will be shipped on a brand new USB stick, along with your microfiber cleaning cloth, directly to you. USB stick contains free-to-use audio/video player and PDF viewer.
Tech Made Easy Comes With A 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Your purchase is backed by my 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with this product for any reason during that time, simply let me know and I’ll happily refund your entire purchase, no questions asked! That’s how confident I am that you’re going to absolutely love Tech Made Easy!
(95% OFF)
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